The Alchemy of Soap Making

Soap is present in so many parts of our life. Everything that involves cleaning, involves soap, such as doing the laundry, the dishes, washing hair and body.
Unfortunately, this commonly used product has been replaced by bad chemicals and besides being harmful to our health, also ends up contaminating the soil and sacred waters.
But if we look back to our ancestral practices, we can remember that it is possible to make soap with simple, natural and organic ingredients from the earth.

An alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process, like turning oils into soap. Soap making brings out the creative magic that women have within them, in order to birth a free, natural and harmonious relationship with our planet.

In The Alchemy of Soap Making we will talk about: the problems of modern soap, what natural soap is, how the alchemy happens, how to use soap to clean the whole body and home, and how to make your own.


The Alchemy of Soap Making will be shared by Fabi Wan.