The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

A model of wellness first developed by Dr. Bill Hettler in 1976, a co founder of the National Wellness Institute of the US. The model offered a new way to understand and interact with our wellbeing. The Seven Dimensions of Wellness are as follows; Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, Occupational & Spiritual . Each of these dimensions interact and overlap with one another. As one explores and develops one in particular, it is distinguishable that the other dimensions are also being stimulated and expanded. For example, as one discovers themselves physically, this very play in nature can lead to a great sense of empathy that then leads them to not only deepen their relationship with themselves but deepen their sensitivity and understanding of others. This heightened sensitivity can lead to greater working relations, which then leads to greater productivity, crafting a greater sense of fulfillment and cohesiveness in all environments one discovers themselves in.
Through intentional dialogue, Q & A, Exercises and movement, 3 hours carefully crafted to demonstrate the overlap and connectedness of each of these Dimensions and how easy it is to bring awareness and participation of each in our everyday lives.

In this workshop we will:

– Build an understanding of & explore each Dimension
– Identify common obstacles and the routes to overcome them
– Brainstorm and share useful tips on integrating conscious effort in working with each Dimension every day
– Game plan how to create more cohesive environments inside and outside the home
– Offer support to one another as we intimately share and explore components of our wellbeing


The 7 Dimensons of Wellness will be shared by Cheri Mclean.