Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork: sacred art of giving and receiving

Because I believe all women have the power to heal from our hearts with our hands.

Originally coming from the Ayurvedic ashrams of India, and culturally adapted in the Buddhist temples Thai Yoga Massage is a meditation in motion and a natural extension of yoga practice for both the giver and receiver. This workshop will teach techniques that can be shared with partners, friends and family to open energy blockages and release physical, emotional and spiritual tension. This massage is especially useful between friends because it can be shared at any time, anywhere without the need of oil, a massage table or the removal of clothing.

Sharing massage together deepens trust and emotional intimacy, reduces stress and lessens competitive pressure, opening you ever more deeply into universal qualities of the divine feminine: nurturing care, intuitive discernment and open receptivity.

We chant together to focus our minds and build a circle of trust. Working in pairs, you will be guided through a simple yoga-like flow of massage techniques. There will be time to practice at your own pace as I go around offering individual attention. We finish with a closing circle to share our experiences together.

My intention is for you to gain massage techniques to share with the ones you love, but also to experience the nurturing beauty of sacred touch, giving and receiving with this healing circle of women.

(students should wear comfortable yoga clothing)


Thai Yoga Bodywork will be shared by Micha Merrick