Cultivating Creative Practice

Cultivating Creative Practice

Creativity shows up in multitudes. Some creations are useful and beautiful, some are unsightly sensory exlporations, some are experiments in skill-building, some are meaningful expressions of soul-work…But all art is a practice of offering something outside of our bodies that reflects a part of our inner world.

This class is designed for folks in any season of their creative practice. Through using fire-building principles as a metaphor, it will provide practical tools to sustain a playful, heart opening, and deeply fulfilling process. I believe there is something in our bones that craves the catharsis of physical manifestation, and this class will help get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

It will include a detailed resource of self-care strategies to avoid burn-out, methods that call forth the presence and curiosity necessary for inspiration, and how creative practices can connect us to our ancestors and the land. Essentially, how to transform play and desire into a ritual (instead of slipping into judgement) and how provide the structure to grow—tailored to both ultra-organized and free-flowing spirits.

These strategies will be taught through a lens of accessibility for neurodivergent folks, as well as people with physical limitations. I will also provide tools for those with limited income or other financial needs, and how to navigate inspiration and appropriation. This class will be filled with playful exercises, conversation, and community building practices.

Alyssa Oddi will be sharing Cultivating Creative Practice and Cyanotype Silk Bandanas