Taye Bright

Taye Bright

Taye is an applied mycologist, ecological animist, educator, artist, writer and medicine-maker orienting her life’s work around how to be in healing, reciprocal relationship with our respective ecologies and create life-ways in alignment with bioregional intelligence.

She holds a degree in Biology, has certifications in Permaculture Design and Ecosystem Restoration Design, and is a certified California Naturalist. She teaches fungi-focused classes/workshops and guides relational mushroom walks all around Northern-central California with the intention of providing accessible and embodied scientific education outside of conventional academia. She is the owner and founder of Symbiiotica, a small business offering mycological consultations, eccentric art, nature-inspired poetry and wildcrafted fungal/botanical medicines. She has over 5 years of experience cultivating mushrooms and is a co-owner and operator of Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm; an outdoor, log-based mushroom farm in the forests of west Sonoma County. She also works as a post-fire mycoremediation researcher for CoRenewal and holds an officer role for Bay Area Applied Mycology.

With a reverence for all things weird & wild, Taye is a bonafide devotee to the Queendom of Fungi and the holistic regeneration of our living Earth. She strives to illuminate the importance of inter-species kinship and to help deepen peoples’ sense of place and purpose as an integral part of Earth’s unfolding story.


Taye Bright will be sharing Earth Regeneration with Fungi and Growing in Relationship with Medicinal Mushrooms