Tarot Lovers Sharing Circle

Open to all experience levels, the intention of this “Tarot Party” is to align and connect any members of our Spirit Weavers community who share a passion for Tarot. Whether you’re an aspiring reader, a seasoned Tarot babe, or any (magical) place in between, this class is for you if you’re down to drool over decks, share ideas/approaches, deconstruct card meanings, exchange tips and tricks of your own Tarot practice, smash oppressive systems through intersectional Tarot frameworks, etc… After introductions and a group meditation invoking the Fool, our time together will involve a facilitated group conversation around favorite decks, approaches to personal practice, the ethics of reading for others, and more. We will then shift into small breakout groups and do short group readings, with everyone giving and receiving knowledge and insight drawn from the cards. The intention for this class is to give each participant the gift of friendship and reciprocity- everyone will give and receive a reading. Our time together will help identify the Tarot babes for the rest of our time at the gathering, and beyond. Bring your deck(s), a journal and pen, and a light-hearted attitude. Let’s share our magic with each other!


Tarot Lovers Sharing Circle will be shared by Emily Hexe.