TamRa Wich’Ma

I have been thinking about love, talking about love, and interviewing experts about love as the host of Love in the 21st Century, a radio show I started in Chico, California for nearly the last 4 years; a weekly talk show. I like to say it’s ⅓ self love guide, ⅓ compassion training, ⅓ dating advice. I have studied with Council Facilitators, Spiritual teachers and counselors. I have studied child development, human psychology, and sociology. I have worked extensively in marginalized communities. I hosted a community radio show on Mana’O Radio in Maui and hosted the “WEEKLY LOVE DOSE” a vlog about diving deep in to love. I recently completed to video series on the Darker Side of Love: Shadow Work & Blended Families with BCAC TV.


TamRa Wich’Ma will be sharing Letters from the Heart with Elizabeth Selig,  Partnerships as a Path for Transformation and Me-rraige Commitment Ceremony