Talulah Gough

Talulah has danced since she was a little girl, following the traditional pathways in a ballet, and contemporary dance. After having her four beautiful children, Talulah developed severe arthritis and could dance no more. Her healing took years, and was guided by her babies. Talulah now dances joyfully again in daily improvisations. She loves to create in nature, and collaborate with other artists. There is such beauty in dancers moving in unison, and sharing these dances is her deepest joy..
The pregnancy and birth of her first child 15 years ago ignited Talulah’s passion for womens health, rites of passage and feminine wisdom.
Talulah is a womens mysteries teacher for Making Sacred, her space where she shares Moon Circle, Blessing the Mother, Blessing the Maiden and Calling the Circle.
She is Teacher and Dreamer at the School of Shamanic Womancraft, and is a doula and childbirth educator.
Talulah lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Cameron and their four children.
Talulah will be sharing Mama Earth Medicine Dance Installationand Moon Circle.