Swan Blessing Ancestral Ceremony

Swan Blessing is a ceremony to awaken and heal the ancestral folklore of the witch, the healer, the herbalist and the wise woman and to open a clear pathway to the personal gifts of your lineage. For centuries instead of being seen as natural and indigenous healing ways, women’s medicine has been demonised and suppressed. Many women have learnt to go ‘under cover’ in their healing work and many have blocked or shut down abilities out of fear. And now we are here – at this time of awakening and the voices of our Grandmothers are urging us to listen and to speak. We may not all be called to be healers but we all possess the natural ability to heal and communicate with our plant and animal families, to communicate with our ancestors and the lands they reside in.

The wild Swan, a gift from the Grandmothers and often a guardian who journeys with souls between heaven and earth is our guide. Together we can track our ancestral pathways, tending to the cracks and parts of the path that have been covered over. Very often there have been sacred vows and promises made to limit ancestral gifts of the past and these can be experienced as vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, silence and even the healer’s oath which was a promise to give so much in service that we had nothing left for ourselves. With Swan we will fly and know what it is to feel free. Mother Earth needs our voices now, it is time to step out of the shadows. We will hear each other’s stories and feel the potency of a circle filled with many Grandmothers.

Together we can create a nest to care for the egg of ancestral wisdom, to thank the women who carried it before us and to bless the daughters yet to come.

Julia Inglis will be sharing Swan Blessing Ancestral Ceremony and Medicine and Spirit Doll