Susan Cassel

Susan’s passion for women’s rights and compassionate care during pregnancy and birth began after a traumatic birth in 1985. She became a childbirth educator and doula in order to educate and support women through the realities of birthing in our culture. Her education about what women need and deserve was learned during these years of sharing their experiences. Five years later she had an empowering home waterbirth, and 5 years after that entered midwifery school. In 1997 Susan began training doulas with ALACE (dba toLabor) and was the Director for 10 years. Over her career Susan has taught doulas, childbirth educators, students of nursing, medicine, midwifery and graduate students.

Susan’s trust in women’s bodies and the undisturbed birth process initially led her to a homebirth practice. Since then, she has worked in birth centers, community hospitals, a high risk teaching hospital, and back to homebirth. She has volunteered in Haiti, the Caribbean, and in the US
The focus, passion and calling in her profession has been on walking alongside women during this intense transformation in their lives. She envisions herself as a peer, educator, guide and advocate for women’s power, knowledge and trust in themselves. Being invited into this most personal, private, transformative time in a woman’s life is of the highest honor. Susan thrives on sharing her years of knowledge and experience in the service and intention of empowering women through understanding their body’s processes and its innate wisdom and knowledge of their rights as health care consumers.

Susan Cassel will be sharing Birth Stories and  Ask A Midwife