Stacy Liane Lippincott

I grew up wandering the forests and creeks of the deep south. This experience allowed me to become a confident womyn in and out of the woods. I have been studying ancestral skills such as friction fire, primitive pottery, felting, wild crafting, hide tanning, beadwork and sewing since 2002. I live on a rural property in Western Sonoma County with my daughter, here I care take the gardens and the orchards and wander the hills and the creeks with her and our friends. I believe firmly that connection with our natural world shapes us into humble and happy souls. I am the Beauty Way Manager at The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and I run a small Homeschool Enrichment Program on the property where I live. I studied hide tanning with Sunny Baba and Medicine Wheel Teachings with Lola Rae Long at The Ojai Foundation. I find my bliss sharing songs and connection with my sisters as we craft, come teach me some of your heart songs.


Stacy will be sharing Buckskin hat bands.