Spiritism and Mediumship

Spiritism and Mediumship

Spiritism is the Occult Esoteric Study of the science of Spirits, channeling and clairvoyance as mediums. Spiritism explores the spiritual world, its influence on our lives and us and how charity and good will influence the spiritual world. There are many different forms of mediumship that we are sensitive to, as well as many personal gifts of clairvoyance to be discovered and developed. It is an intricate and personal discovery of self awareness and development within the psychic world.

The Lineage of Umbandaime is a syncretic combination of Kardec Spiritism, Afro-Brazilian Umbanda and Santo Daime (Amazonian Ayahuasca church). Umbanda is known as a “white- line ( lineage)” incorporating the virtues of charity, healing, prayer, channeling and the worship of the African Orixa deities. The Orixá are the elemental faces of the masculine and feminine Gods and gods that compose nature, the universe and ourselves. Similar to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda we each have an individual combination of elements ( Orixás) unique to ourselves and who we are.

In this class we will discover the roots and origins of Spiritism in the Umbanda philosophy.
We will learn about Spiritism philosophy and the different forms of mediumship., clairvoyance and spiritual sensitives. The gift of mediumship and clairvoyance are given to all, we each have different gifts to discover and develop. Thru understanding the cosmology of spirits and their world we can better understand ourselves and what is our path of service on the planet, to our ancestors, and the future generations. Spiritism develops our understanding of our own Path of healing, and to better ourselves karmically and know our spiritual guides and guardians.

Prayers altars of intention, song and dance as forms of invocation. Understanding our spiritual guides, ancestors, guardian Angels, healing spirits, elemental and indigenous spirits as well as charity for suffering spirits.

During this special offering we will explore the presence and our connection to our spiritual guides. The importance of prayer and intentional altars, sacred space, and self care for mediums and spiritually sensitive people.
We will also learn some prayers and invocations with Corimbas ( songs for the Orixias) and hymns of the Umbandaime line. We will also discuss using herbs, plants, baths and Defuamacaô for clearing and protection.

Spiritism and Mediumship will be shared by Jana Nicol.