Spirit Weavers Song Birds

Spirit Weavers Song Birds




The Spirt Weavers Song Circle is one of the highlights of the gathering. We join together to open our hearts and voices in circle and safety with one another. For some this is our calling and for many the song circle is where that first spark of memory ignites that we are indeed born to sing. The voice what gives freedom and healing, The childlike innocence that is found again, the Voice being our very own birth rite. The songs sung around the fire are ones that are imbedded in our beings as a simple way to return back to the gathering throughout the year. A simple way to honor those who have passed along these songs before us. We invite you to come and share song, share space and share your heart.




“Once upon a time, when the women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams

We’re so excited to share the release of the new Spirit Weavers Song Book, that will be available by donation at the upcoming gathering! It includes some of our most beloved songs from the past three years, sung around the fire, under the stars. A big thank you to Mila and Baelyn for helping with the songs, Talia for the artwork, and Jenelle for the design. All donations will go to support the Spirit Weavers scholarship fund.





Each year we gather together around the fire to welcome our Spirit Weavers Song Birds. Each come to us from lands near and far, weaving their sonic waves of beauty into a tapestry of musical medicine. Drawing from the local jewels of their respective homelands, to the global influences that inspire and shape, they each bring us home to the heart of the earth through the music they create and share. In years past we have brought inside outside musical guest and this year we are opening the space for an open mike where anyone can come and share a song or more! We will have several different time slots ranging from 10 mins to a half hour and you will be able to sign up at the gathering through Alissa or Amber. You can also email thespiritweaversgathering@gmail.com to say hello! Please don’t forget to bring your musical instruments (drums, guitars, shakers) as they will be used throughout the gathering!


In addition to our musical performance night, we are over the moon to have so many song-weaving sisters at the gathering this year! To this end, we invite all those who feel called to offer their musical gifts during meal times, in short sets. Please let us know at the gathering via the sign up board if you would like to share your music, and we will find a time for your offering. And as always, we will be singing our hearts open together under the bright stars, in our Song Weavers’ Circle. We look forward to weaving our voices and heart-songs with you in the redwoods!