Spirit Baby Communication

Spirit Baby Communication

.:. Glimmers & whispers of Mongolia, bare feet, marshlands, Mother Mary, unique creation sequences, soul signatures, angelic messengers, departed loved ones, matter dissolving & transforming, the aching & longing turned into gold .:.

For those of you called to navigate beyond the veil this workshop is an interactive deep dive into the art of communicating with your unborn child/children through the sharing & exploration of exquisite Spirit Baby stories & tales + Spirit Baby Communication techniques.

Spirit Baby Communication covers a vast landscape of unique configurations and experiences. It’s an invaluable resource for pre-conception & pregnant people, as well as Doulas & birthkeepers.
For those participating, the topics covered in the workshop include:

◬ How I discovered my clairvoyant abilities

◬ What Spirit Baby Communication is
◬ The 4 most common forms of Spirit Baby Communication
◬ How and why Spirit Baby contracts are formed
◬ The purpose of struggle & loss
To learn more visit: www.spiritbabycommunication.com
Sarah Soleil will be teaching Spirit Baby Communication & The Doula Path.