Sourdough + Ancient Grains

Sourdough + Ancient Grains

Welcome to the Majesty of Bread. Come on a deep dive into natural fermentation and the slow, life-giving beauty of baking your own bread. We will learn how to keep a sourdough starter alive through daily relationship, how to mix, proof, fold + turn, all the timelines, shaping, and baking techniques you need to know to start baking at home.

We also will learn about ancient grains, including Einkorn, Rye, Kamut, and more.

We will prayerfully commune and eat these breads, exploring them in their depths of flavor and diversity, sharing story, and making some freshly fired sourdough pizza together as well as going through the process of various breads.

This will be a light-hearted, hands-on, in-depth dive into the flour dusted beauty of bread!

Sourdough + Ancient Grains will be shared by Kayla Alexander