Sonic Weavers Celebration

Sonic Weavers Celebration

We are excited and honored to announce our musical guests for the 2015 Spirit Weavers gathering! These four amazing Song Sisters come to us from lands near and far, weaving their sonic waves of beauty into a tapestry of musical medicine. Drawing from the local jewels of their respective homelands, to the global influences that inspire and shape, they each bring us home to the heart of the earth through the music they create and share. Please join us in welcoming Alela Diane, Low Leaf, Sara Tone, and Mariee Sioux to our 2015 gathering! For more information on each musician, see their Bios below.

In addition to our musical performance night, we are over the moon to have so many song-weaving sisters at the gathering this year! To this end, we invite all those who feel called to offer their musical gifts during our time together, in short sets at meal times and elsewhere. Please let us know at the gathering if you would like to share your music, and we will find a time for your offering. And as always, we will be singing our hearts open together under the bright stars, in our Song Weavers’ Circle. We look forward to weaving our voices and heart-songs with you in the redwoods!


-2-2 copyALELA DIANE

We are over the moon to have Alela Diane returning again this year! Her beautiful and melodic songs are a gift to the gathering. Alela grew up singing with her musician parents and performing in the school choir. She taught herself guitar, and began writing songs that blend tense, trance-like arpeggios with warm vocals and meditative lyrics about family, sisterhood and nature. Alela has toured extensively around the world for the last eight years and is excited to be singing with us in the redwood forest!

3-e1420739551583LOW LEAF

We are honored to have Low Leaf with us performing and sharing her harp/heart songs at this year’s gathering! Los Angeles based artist Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer. Rooted in classical piano since early childhood, she currently combines an array of genres by playing the harp, keys, guitar, singing, and making beats. Her self-taught harp and production skills give way for a more unrestricted and unique sound. Having consistently toured internationally throughout Europe, The UK, Australia, New Zealand, and her motherland of The Philippines since 2012, Low Leaf is steadily expanding her music and vision across the planet. She ultimately seeks to be a voice of nature and her cosmic ancestors in hopes to heal and reawaken the world as a universal family.


We are thrilled to have Sara Tone join us in the redwoods, bringing her musical medicine all the way from the heart of Cascadia! Sara Tone has been committed to bringing a steady stream of music that expresses the Joys and Celebration of Creation. Deeply moved, she finds fuel for the fire of this expression through Vigilance and Awareness of the state of the Earth and our Relationship to Land. Inspired by her travels and tours throughout the West Coast, Cascadia (Pacific NW), BC, Minnesota and Hawaii, Sara Tone comes with Songs and Stories to help connect Community and Place with Music that honors that Sacred relationship! Sara has been blessed with many opportunities to share this music in a diversity of settings. From Festivals, to Churches & Temple, Pubs & Grange Halls, Farms, Farmers Markets and Beaches, On March for Food Freedom & Seed Sovereignty, on Mountain tops, Sail Boats, always at the River Banks Givin Thanks and all the way into the heart of New Folsom Prison. This music is always an opportunity to Give Thanks and bring us all that much Closer Together. Thank you Gaia!! Listen @



We are grateful to have the the magical Mariee Sioux singing with us at this year’s gathering! Mariee Sioux was raised in Northern California and is of Indigenous and Polish Hungarian ancestry. She prefers to be known as an abstract storyteller and a voice for the natural world and trials of humanity through song, rather than just a singer/songwriter. She has been singing songs she says she often hardly remembers writing, that were more given to her by the Creator to share, for the past 10 years. Growing up going to Bluegrass festivals, and with a father in a bluegrass band, she was exposed to melody, harmony, and the way music brought community together since childhood.

On a 4 month solo trip to Argentina at 19, to volunteer at a school for Indigenous Mapuche youth, she taught herself guitar and began writing songs by surprise. Shortly after returning she was convinced by a friend back home to let him help her record home demos, which later lead her to the recording of several EPs and 2 full length albums. Her finger picking guitar has been compared to the greats of Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, and her songs have been described as medicinal, hallucinatory, and haunting, with a trance like performance. She has extensively toured Europe and the US, and opened for acclaimed artists like Mazzy Star, Frank Black, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and Joanna Newsom.