Soft Felted Womb Healing

Soft Felted Womb Healing

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A journey to connect with your wombspace, through visualization and deep listening. 

As we travel with a drum session to meet her, she will open up and share her wisdom she wants you to know. What she needs from you to honor her and how she can guide you to fully step into your creative divine feminine power. 

We will do a ceremony to remember that your womb is a space for love and life, to let go of the pain and fear that gets stuck there. 

With that energy we will make a sacred felted yoni or symbol that will remind you of the power of our wombspace and invite you to continue your journey with her.

My felted art comes alive in MERAKI Intentional Creativity
Meraki means that you do something with passion and absolute devotion, with undivided attention and with all your creativity; a labour of love from the heart and soul. It signifies that you “put a part of yourself, your energy, into your work” The sacred felt creations that come into the world under this name are activated with this divine energy

Marike van IJssel will be sharing Soft felted womb healing