Sofia Florencia

Sofia Florencia

Born in Mexico City on Revolution Day in 1982, given the same name as our Divine Mother, Sofia has been on a mission of self-discovery through experiential education since day one. Raised throughout Europe and Turtle Island, Sofia finally settled back into her homeland of Anahuac what is now central Mexico at age ten, making Spanish her third language spoken at that point after Swiss-German and English (both British and American). Youth and Adolescence in Cuernavaca was turbulent and exciting, filled with massive energy and expansion. However, the socio-political-economic instability of the country prompted Sofia to book a one way flight to San Francisco when she was 21 years old.

Through Ashtanga Yoga, plant-based cuisine, a commitment to ceremony, bodywork, holistic therapies and plenty of roller-skating…Sofia fulfilled the prophecy of her name and became the blossoming flower she was meant to embody.

The alchemy of food is her superpower, Corn and Cacao being some of her oldest ancestors. Aside from her formal hospitality and culinary studies, she has worked in the food industry most of her life working at Millenium, Delfina, Cotogna, Boot and Shoe, etc.; she was also director and teacher at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School in Miami.

Sofia operates the slow-food business Maíz @abuelitatechnology on the island of Maui offering Organic and Heirloom corn tortillas, along with other delectable morsels to heal hungry souls; She continues to offer services as a private chef, wellness mentor and massage therapist. On top of those gifts, she is also studying and working as a postpartum doula through the Pacific Birth Collective, specifically focusing on offerings for BIPOC in her community. Member of the Hālau O Ka Hana Lehua, Sofia has recently begun studying Hula under the tutelage of Kumu Kamaka Kukona. In her spare time, Sofia is perfecting her Italian and studying Nahuatl.

Now living on Maui with her husband, they are raising their son and walking the Red Road as a family.

Sofia Florencia will be sharing Tenochtitlan to Tortilla, a Hands-on History.