Slow Textiles: Journey with Indigo

Indigo dyed textiles are part of our collective ancient history. It was a prized, ethereal pigment that was grown and incorporated into cultures from India, Japan, West Africa and many others. Indigo is a humble yet potent source of beauty, medicine, innovation and currency. Through colonization and synthetic chemical discoveries, the natural historical practices were replaced by mass produced chemically dyed textiles.

Join me on a journey on reclaiming and rediscovering our connection to this deeply mystical plant, that has to be coaxed and tended to prepare for dyeing in a communal practice. My ancestors were weavers in India, and i have traveled through India to learn the art of producing slow crafted textiles with indigo. We will learn how to harvest indigo, discuss the steps involved in creating and feeding the indigo mother ferment and dyeing techniques to create exquisite textiles for you to use as part of your daily rituals.


Slow Textiles: Journey with Indigo will be offered by Roshni Kavate.