Sister + Sister

Sister + Sister

Sister + Sister is a unique weave of a Women’s Empowerment Circle and a Sacred Sound & Singing circle with an emphasis on Self-care & the nourishment of our Feminine and Sensual natures as a pathway to greater Self-Expression and Connection with each other as Women, Sisters and thus, with the greater world. This circle experience includes a blend of the following ingredients:

Intention Setting & grounding through Feminine & earth-based ritual & through the teaching and singing of original Sacred Songs known as “Feminine Medicine Songs” by Facilitator + Singer/Songwriter Gina René.

This experience is a collaborative cultivation birthed by all participants through the sharing of our own stories & lessons bringing clarity, trust, growth and inspiration. Teachings & interactive Reflections on our Womb-power, our Life Force and Creative, Feminine center as the root of our Healing will be highlighted and most importantly the honoring of our Voices, Bodies & hearts as our Inner Guidance systems connecting us to the greater world. This offering is both Light & deep and a safe space of non-judgement is held by the facilitator for all involved.

As a woman of color myself, being of the Choctaw Native American tribe, Créole, Black & White (European) origins I am committed to holding sacred space for all wombmen/womyn and Femme identifying expressions and those of varied backgrounds and cultures. Diversity is Life. This is a safe space.

Gina René will be Facilitating Sister + Sister: A Women’s Empowerment Circle w/ Self-Care Rituals, Sharing & Feminine Medicine Songs