Singing from the Well

Singing from the Well

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Since ancient times, women have gathered together to sing songs – to celebrate the cycles of the moon and sun, to mark special moments in life and community, and to share in the daily gifts of tending to land, home, and earth. There is an enduring magic that happens when women sing together – through the weaving of our voices, we remember our power, our rhythm, and our purpose.

In this class, we’ll sing simple, soul-nourishing songs learned by ear, in the oral tradition. We’ll play with harmonies, layer songs, and “don’t make me think” songs that get us out of our minds and into our bodies. Together, we’ll explore some playful, embodied practices to connect us more fully with our authentic voices as Women, and ultimately to our full aliveness.

No singing experience is required, and no one will be asked to sing on their own! Bring a water bottle, a blanket or mat for moments when we’re sitting, and your beautiful selves. Please know that you are welcome however you are – tired and weary, fully ablaze in your brilliance, or anywhere in between.

Mila Redwood will be sharing Singing from the Well.