Simple Songs to get you Through

As I journey toward wholeness (especially as a mother) I find myself dipping over and over into the reservoir of simple songs that I know as a way to bolster my day to day energy, connect me to many manifestations of community, and to articulate some of the wisdom I am learning about myself and the world.

During the course of this workshop participants would engage in some or all of the following;
-reflect (verbally and/or in writing) on the ways song has worked to heal, hold histories, and express shared experience in the lives of participants
– using an a capella, call and response method, learn songs for the home and family, for spiritual sustenance, for connection to community and nurturing our visions of a just and vibrant future
-learn the historical and social context for the songs taught, with encouragement and possibly opportunity to explore more in-depth independently, stand in lineage with singers past and present who have used song for these same purposes
-explore and work collaboratively to craft a singing practice and think together about how that might be made real in the day to day lives of the participants
-Sing Together!


Simple Songs to get you Through will be hosted by Jessie Grace Eller-Isaacs