Sigils & Stitches

This class is part magic and part hands on skill. We will begin with sigil crafting, and then transition into how to infuse our garments (and lives) with the magic.
I will share the way I have been taught to create magical sigils: symbols that have an entire manifestation or spell condensed into them. Each participant will create her own sigil after a short meditation around what we want to draw into our lives. Then we will go over 5-10 different embroidery stitches and sewing techniques so that the sigil can be transferred to either a scrap of fabric they can carry, or onto a piece of clothing they want infused with magic. Participants will leave the class with both a sigil technique they can use over and over, and with sewing skills to make their clothing and homes uniquely their own.


Sigils & Stitches will be shared by Amy Solara