Sigil Crafting

One of the most powerful magical tools, a sigil has been used since the dawn of time to meditate, manifest and create reality. Beginning with a meditation, to open to the possibilities of what the Divine wants to bring through us, we will then have time to journal our intentions. From that journaling we will then write out a clear spell/intention/manifestation, to use as a basis for our sigils. Using different drawing techniques to create the sigil, including using the letters from the manifestation, participants will spend time drawing out various designs, meditating with each one until they find the best one for their purpose. Finally we will charge them with our intentions in ritual, and choose whether we want to burn them in a puja, bury them (on biodegradable paper), or dissolve them in water to pour as a libation. We will also discuss ways to use them on candles, in food, in embroidery, etc.

Class is open to as many as wish to join, only requirements is something to write with and on!


Sigil Crafting will be shared by Amy Solara.