Shele Jessee

sw-2016-374_29271413775_oShele Jessee, walks in beauty way. Tending to the Earth and all of creation. She is a prayerful medicine woman who is in deep relationship with all of creation and her art represents this.

She draws her inspiration from the mountains and cool running streams, vibrant dawn chorus and open air. She is driven by her lust for the beauty of life. She is deeply connected to the animal world and has a particular connection with horses. Raised on a ranch in the foothills of Northern California, riding horses everyday amongst the intuitive and gentle.

Tall whispering pines, great horned owls, quail, coyote and deer are some of her first memories.

Currently living in Sonoma county she is a wildlife animal tracker, permaculture designer, herbalist and hide tanner. She journeys to the mountains leading trips for kids and adults and enjoys sharing her care for the Earth with all.


Shele will be sharing The Language of the Birds and  Handmade Leather Sandals