Shele Jeanne Jessee

Shele Jeanne Jessee

Shele grew up on a ranch in Northern California, working with her hands was a way of life from the very beginning. Shele’s family taught her to raise her own cattle and sheep and hunt sustainably. The sound of quail, a great horned owl, outside her window at night and coyotes are some of her first memories.

After enrolling in a permaculture class, about 10 years ago, Shele started honing her survival skills and learning traditional technologies — like tanning, felting, natural dyeing, tracking animals and working with fire. She is passionate about working with her hands, using raw natural materials and work as meditation.

She feels extremely grateful to have record keepers in her family, that have traced her lineage. Born in California in Mechoopda, Maidu territory, Shele is of Welsh, French ancestry and is devoted to understanding her family history.

Currently living in Salinan, Chumash territory, she works under the name Hollow Bone as an organic hide tanner. Her offerings include sheepskin rugs, leather goods, jewelry, and clothing.

She is grateful for the privilege to learn and make a living with her hands, and to be returning to Spirit Weavers.

Shele Jessee Language of the Birds .