Shayna Gladstone

Shayna Gladstone, is a humble lighthouse who sees the essential gem in others, their potential to beautifully impact the world and being a navigation guide for their path. She is a nurturing soul-bird that fiercely pierces through the layers that hold us back from living our authentic calling. Shayna’s earth-based leadership as a social entrepreneur, songbird, educator, facilitator and her 6 years of involvement in Native American spiritual traditions gives her warm wisdom and expertise. Shayna Cofounded NuMundo, a global platform of healing centers, farms and intentional communities and Earth Journeys, an educational company empowering earth and heart centered leadership. Her management, business and experience design background gives her the ability to support organizations and entrepreneurs alike. Shayna works both on a 1 on 1 and group basis to foster a reconnection to self and the Earth, build community through collaboration and launch purposeful businesses.


Shayna Gladstone will be sharing Rooted Action: Earth Embodied Leadership