Shannon Pritchard

Shannon is someone whose hands have always grasped for materials with which to create. Whose heart is alive with passion for the living growing beauty in the world, and who is inspired by connecting more deeply to the materials we source from the wild. She was taught knitting by her childhood neighbor and pursued hand-spinning on the journey towards connection to source. She views working with raw materials as a transformative process, and has spent time living in weaving communities in the Andes, to delve more deeply into the life-ways of those who continue to keep their earth based and textile traditions alive. Shannon also studied sustainable agricultural practices in college, where her journey with beekeeping began. She has been working with herbalist and bee-tender Benjamin Pixie for the past 4 years, making medicine and touring with the Pixie Traveling Medicine Show, teaching and sharing the many gifts of the honeybee. She is also a woodworker, seamstress, and poet.

Shannon will be teaching Drop-Spindle Fiber Spinning and Honeybee Magick + Medicine and is co-teaching Oil Tanned Salmon Skins with Bethany Ridenour