Shamanic Chiropractic with Dr. Anna

Shamanic Chiropractic with Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna Stid DC has a been a long life intuitive healer. She currently resides in the North Bay of SF, CA. She has been practicing Chiropractic for 17+ years helping thousands of people from all around the world. She loves to dance, sing, play her baritone uke, & world travel to over 27+ countries and counting.

Shamanic Chiropractic with Dr. Anna, offers a unique weaving of ancient and modern day healing technologies to assist your body, mind, spirit in remembering your true nature & realigning to your innate state of wholeness.

A Specialist in leading brain body technologies of:

* NET – Neuro- Emotional Technique

* Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic

Dr. Anna bridges these modern day techniques with the ancient remedies of core Shamanic practice:

*Curse Unraveling ( Ancestral lineage + Current/Past Timeline healing),

*Spirit Release work, and

*Soul & Spirit Ally retrieval to bring a unique truly Holistic contribution.

Dr. Anna has had the esteemed opportunity to train in person from some of the world’s renown Core Shamanic Teachers : Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Kevin Turner with FSS Asia/Dr. Michael Harner, & Betsy Bergstrom.

Dr. Anna’s clients report feeling a sense of freedom, lightness of being, and renewed life prana they haven’t know for quite some time post shamanic chiropractic session(s). Most of her clients having tried almost everything else before meeting her.

Stop by Dr. Anna’s healing tent for an alignment, attunement, & recalibration of mind-body-soul-spirit!