Scratch-Made Sourdough Bread

The art of making bread can be thought of as part science, art and silent mediation. But making and sharing bread is not only an act of nourishing the body but also the soul. The word companion means “friend.” It comes from the Late Latin com panis meaning “one who eats bread with another.” Unfortunately, much has been lost with the art of making bread due to modernization especially, the appreciation of a slow and mindful process.

Sourdough bread is one of the best breads to consume because it contains the bacteria Lactobacillus in higher proportions compared to other breads. This means it tends to be easier to digest, due to its gluten breaking down into amino acids, and naturally has a longer shelf life without preservatives, due to its fermentation process producing acetic acid which inhibits the growth of mold. Come learn how to create and ferment your own sourdough yeast, care for your live yeast and create nourishing, delicious sourdough bread for your family, friends and communities.


Scratch-Made Sourdough Bread will be shred by Tiffany Wilburn.