Sarah Rhinelander

14068490_1773678232875616_3356981348521166023_o-11Sarah was born into a lineage of wise women, artists, earth advocates, farmers and healers. An avid traveler, she began to venture out into the world at an early age, where she learned profound lessons on the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life and all people.

Shortly after graduating from Cornell University, Sarah was guided to magical Hawaii and began her studies in traditional Lomi Lomi, Rolfing Structural Integration, Ayurveda, and Birth Work.

Above all else, Sarah is a student of Transformation. She has guided, supported, and coached thousands of people to move through limiting patterns and beliefs and to more fully choose how to walk upon this earth. A successful mamapreneur, she finds great joy in supporting women and mothers to design their lives and heal their relationships with money, receiving, reclaiming, and to heal mother-daughter relationships through the mother line.

A mother of three and long time resident of Kauai, Sarah is raising her own children in the Waldorf way. Nature, beauty, simplicity, truth, kindness, and wisdom are her muses and she strives to incorporate these elements into her life and that of her children. Her 18 year practice of yoga and meditation, plant based diet, and the wisdom of the earth inform and inspire her every day.


Sarah Rhinelander will be sharing Embracing Exchange.