Sara Brody

Sara Brody

I am doula, a reproductive health coach, and an evolving student of spiritual midwifery.

I have attended Birthingway College of Midwifery, where I have gained much knowledge of the reproductive sciences, while also mastering important clinical skills and the ways of nonviolent communication. I have traveled to Ina May Gaskin’s, ‘The Farm’ where I was able to learn how to trust the beauty of the reproductive process from the spiritual midwives themselves. Additionally, I have been taught many lessons on the art of midwifery by several midwives who have continued the tradition of the ancient apprenticeship model, passing down their knowledge to me, so I can continue to teach their lessons to the next person who decides to walk a similar path.

Truthfully, my greatest teachers have always been all the different women and babies I have supported as a birth worker. At each birth I have attended, I have continuously been reminded that it doesn’t matter how much science and theory I could know, the art of midwifery is in the listening, the believing, and supporting the cultivation of a woman’s innate ability to trust and surrender to the many unknown journeys that lie ahead.

In addition to my birth work, I am the founder of a reproductive health education business, called MoonLodge. I believe that there is not nearly enough education for women available to learn about their reproductive cycle, and through my offerings I am working to change that.

I live in the tiny town of Paonia, CO with my partner and our many house plants. I love to paint, garden, and cook wholesome and delicious meals for my community.

Sara Brody will be sharing Conscious Conception, Preparing for the Unknowns of Motherhood.