Sandra Farmer

Sandra is a mother and a maker. She was taught to sew and knit by her Nana (Adeline Smith) as a child and to work with leather by her father. She made her first pair of shoes in elementary school with a kit from Tandy leather. Since then she has scoured thrift stores for used leather to create costumes and clothing for her family. She made her first baby shoes for her son 10 years ago. Her daughter was born in the Fall of 2017 and proudly walking in shoes her momma made! She continues to craft and gift her work to friends and family.
She is a professional sculptor of hair (stylist and dreadlock specialist at Vain in Seattle, WA) and clay and currently creates porcelain jewelry for her line, Coventry.
She also teaches art and ceramics at the Seattle Art Museum and the Kirkland Arts Center.


Sandra will be sharing Stitch by stitch : handmade baby shoes.