Samantha LaMont

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Samantha LaMont, raised in Corvallis Oregon, has been pursuing art since she was old enough to pick up a paint brush. Studying with a master china painter in her formative years helped give her a sense of art community and the joy that comes from throwing yourself into one media. She went to college at Louisiana State University to study ceramics. There she found a love of clay and was also encouraged to explore themes in her work that are still pushing their way into her current pieces. Ideas of our conscious thought, and the states of altered consciousness.

Over the years painting has been a constant, and a few years ago she discovered weaving. It was like meeting a new friend you knew would soon be your bestie. She became entranced by this new art form and has been excited to share it with others! Her studies in flower essences is a recent addition to her work, and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. By using these essences she has discovered that her art is not only trying to tell a story, but it is the story of the process where the true magic lies. Sharing the magic of making, and the altered states in which we can find ourselves in this process is what truly inspires her daily.

Currently living in Portland, Oregon she is blessed to be surrounded by many encouraging maker friends. And hopes to spread the magic of flowers and making with others! She started her painting and weaving business, Cardinal Point, just over a four years ago and has been blown away by the encouragement of the north west community. Teaching has always been a passion, showing others how to paint and weave comes naturally, seeing the excitement of students is pure joy. Art is for everyone, and it is an honor for her to share this gift.


Samantha LaMont will be sharing Busy Hands, Quiet Minds: Weaving as Meditation