Sacred Movement and Vibrations

Sacred Movement and Vibrations

Sacred Movement and Vibrations

We are excited and honored to host a rich selection of Yoga, Sacred Dance, Sound Healing and Meditation classes. This year we will be offering multiple classes simultaneously and with a new Evening Sound Healing offering! We have designed an intentional schedule the help better ease your transitions throughout the day using Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Kirtan, Meditation, Yoga, and Traditional Sacred Dance classes. Each experience we choose throughout the day will need its own unique way of processing and digesting. At Spirit Weavers, we activate all facets of being. Whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental– we are here to help assimilate and guide you through your transitions gracefully, with love.

All sisters are welcome to spend time in the Yoga Village for personal practice regarding meditation and expressing the physical. We have a strong and diverse group of women who will be activating different methods of awareness in our bodies throughout the day. Vibrational healing self-care is of utmost importance in regards to flowing efficiently and gracefully through the gathering. You are welcome and encouraged to bring any accessories needed to accommodate your needs in this space.

Depending on what type of classes you gravitate towards, you may need some assistance to help you digest whatever information you are seeking to retrieve. Our Morning Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Baths are three different energetic ways to kickstart your day! And our afternoon Yoga and Sacred Dance classes are a great way to tap into the physical after strenuous and potentially isolating or repetitive work.

The way we have aligned our schedule this year is for you to have several options to vibrationally heal and align the chakras and physical through personal practice and vibration. If you don’t have the attention span to meditate, but need to be somewhere to remind yourself to align, our Sunrise and Sunset Sound Baths are an excellent way to dive in through complete stillness. If you want to tune in to the earth’s vibration through stillness, our Meditation classes will be an excellent way to dial into Pachamama. If you have been curled over a tiny beading project, or have been weaving sinew through a drum or rattle for hours, a Yoga or Sacred Dance class will help balance your spinal alignment.

You can learn more about the Yoga Village offerings here.


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