Sacred Hearth: Meal Blessing and Song Ceremony

Sacred Hearth: Meal Blessing and Song Ceremony

This will be happening DAILY before every meal.

Sacred hearth fires have been burning for thousands and thousands of years. Fire, food, hearth. Forest, water, life. We are deeply connected to the land, the elements. All of these things are sacred. And in the ritual of tending the sacred hearth fire and creating our food, we have the great honor of practicing gratitude and blessings for these Beings over and over again. We are all connected in a circle of life which we serve and tend in reciprocity.

Creating a container for honoring and taking pause before meals is one of the simplest things we can do to slow down and remember the sacred in our everyday experience and connect to these elements. At this workshop we will be teaching 3 simple offerings anyone can do to create a container of respect, honoring and cherishing for all life and all beings.

Three Simple Teachings for tending the Sacred Hearth:

· Share a food blessing and song

· Acknowledge and connect to place, First Peoples and All Beings

· Create an offering from your Ancestral tradition (smoke, tobacco, plate of food etc.)


Sacred Hearth: Meal Blessing and Song Ceremony will be shared by The Way of Vibrantly.