Pilgrimage Path

“Sacred Activism: Pilgrimage, Bearing Witness, and Imagining New Futures” invites a space for us to creatively re-imagine activism as sacred work. Focusing on prayer and action through pilgrimage, we will explore and practice how pilgrimage can serve as a catalyst towards political change in local watersheds and communities.

Walking and pilgrimage has been used as a political and prayerful mechanism for change throughout history and around the world. In contemporary contexts and facing the immense uncertainty of our times, how can this form of prayer and action support local and global movements for water, decolonization, and liberation?

From the lineage of the recent 3-year pilgrimage Walking Water, this class will explore the praxis of pilgrimage, the healing power of bearing witness, and how it invites us to imagine new possible futures. The class will support a space to expand our concepts of activism, deepen understandings of how prayer is integrated into and informs our activism(s,) and how practices of sacred activism can bolster existing movements for liberation and justice.


Justine Epstein will offer “Sacred Activism: Pilgrimage, Bearing Witness, and Imagining New Futures” .