Roshni Kavate

Roshni Kavate is a Bay Area artist who fervently pursues the use of color and texture in her practice of textile design, printmaking and ceramics. Born in India and raised there and in California, Roshni is inspired by the alchemy of color, texture, history, modernism and craftsmanship. Her art weaves together whimsical, moody reinterpretations of memory, place and tradition to reconnect with her ancestors and their land. Roshni works as a palliative care nurse in Oakland and is inspired by the profound memories and longings that people share at the end of their lives. Her art practice seeks to bring to life undiscovered feelings and the deeply desired to create a reverie of dynamic expression. She has studied weaving with midwives in Guatemala, natural dyeing in India, printmaking in San Francisco. View more of her work at


Roshni will be sharing Slow Textiles: Journey with Indigo.