Roots Tent

Welcome to the Roots Tent

We invite you to join us in The Roots Tent, a community space originally created by Vicky Salcido-Cobbe, Hannah Jermstad and Ayana Young, to foster connection with the stated Earth Ethic and Pledge to the forest we will gather in. We invite you to visit us as we swap seeds, learn about the soil web of life, discuss habitat restoration projects, meet plants on our daily herb walks, and discuss our role in becoming empowered stewards of our home.

This is a place to get our hands and feet in the soil, to connect with the plants, to experience and celebrate the influence of the elements in our lives, to learn ways of right living in accordance with the earth, and to find support as we become aware of our ecological realities. Throughout the gathering, you are invited to relax in our sanctuary resource library full of books on seeds, herbs, soil, ecology, mushrooms, and so much more.

With the prayer of increasing biodiversity and encouraging everyone to cultivate a garden, ALL are invited to our 7th annual Seed Swap. Bring seeds of all kinds to share and collect a diverse range for your garden. You are not required to bring seeds to join the swap, and this exchange is completely free! We will offer a sacred chest full of enriched compost, which you can gather to offer the plants of the land. Come make seed balls full of native wildflowers as a gift for the land.

2019 Roots Tent Facilitators will be shared in the Spring