Rooted Action: Earth Embodied Leadership

Rooted Action: Earth Embodied Leadership

Deepen your capacity to hold and intelligently and creatively respond to the increasingly unpredictable chaos of this planet through cultivating a resilient inner-ecology, connected to all of life.

The 4 Pillars of Earth Embodied Leadership:
1. Traverse the Inner Landscape
Learn to honor and tend to our emotional self through mapping, acknowledging and clearing buried trauma, communication and deep listening to the body.
2. Earth Allyship Through Right Relation
Practice indigenous land offerings, respectful harvesting, plant and animal communication.
3. Cultivating a Life-Giving Community
Deepen roots to build a strong foundation for your life and service through community, communication, healing familial ties, and grounding rituals.
4. Team with the Unseen
Reclaim prayer and learn to connect with your ancestors as guides for your continued protection and navigation.

This 6-hr experiential training will support leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers alike to gain a renewed strength, purpose and connection to become focused and clear to walk a powerful heart path of of both warriorship and love in a time of great planetary upheaval.

– Walk your path of leadership with greater grace, strength, humility, interconnectivity and integrity.
– Expand your ecosystemic view your life, your purpose and its relationship to the current context of the planet.
– Create a greater alignment with your work in the world as you more fully embody it.


Rooted Action: Earth Embodied Leadership will be shared by Shayna Gladstone.