Ritual Handpoke Tattooing

Temple Adornments

There is a vision, have you had it? There is a circle, can you remember it? A ritual is being unearthed, a rite of passage is being rebirthed.
It is women tattooing women.
Surrounded by tribe and the grandmother’s song, encased in smoke and the rhythm of drums. A cry for youth left behind, an inhale of strength of mind. A rise of the empowered self and an exhale, freedom to choose your bounds.
A rite of passage.
As the tribe roots another member into its folds, an individual is adorned and honored for her strength, beauty and unique offering.
Let us gather, so we can spread this ritual back into the tribes we come from, or for the nomadic gypsies amongst us so they can carry the traditions and symbols between them.
The ritual of tattooing is being remembered, reinvented, and birthed anew. Summoned are the future needle-wielding healers amongst us, so together we can refine this technique, explore the ritual, further develop the ceremony and share the freedom that is Divine Temple Adornment.
Here, Peri will share tattooing techniques, sanitation standards, the rituals she’s been taught by Ink Healers around the world and the elements used to hold clean sacred space.
For those committed to the path of body adornment, there will be a hands-on course where you will adorn yourself or your fellow sistren with a forever reminder of your commitment to freedom and self expression.
Are you being summoned to adorn?


Ritual Handpoked Tattoo will be shared by Peri Poke Priestess