Ritual Adornment Jewelry Making

Ritual Adornment Jewelry Making

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something truly special, this jewelry making class is just what you need. Connect with your higher self as you create a ritual adornment in a sacred space surrounded by beautiful people.

Tap into your creativity and design a unique sterling silver ring or pendant that will commemorate this special experience in your life. You’ll craft a piece of jewelry to remind you of your power and strength whenever you put it on.

Through the lost wax casting process, cultures around the world have been creating metal sculptures from original wax pieces for thousands of years. This remarkable method turns something fleeting – a wax sculpture – into an eternal work of art as it melts away and is replaced with strong, lasting metal.

In this class, you will make something out of wax that looks like a piece of jewelry. Then it will be made into real jewelry out of silver. The finished product will look exactly like your wax carving.

After making your wax design, it will be taken to my Big Sur, CA. studio to be taken through the lost wax casting method. Then I will mail you the silver jewelry that is ready to wear.

Join us for this unique and special jewelry class!

Natilie Michaels will be sharing Ritual Adornment Jewelry Making