Rhythm is a grief practitioner a doula and an alchemy life worker who does holistic based approaches to trauma transitioning on multiple levels including: energetic womb restoration practices, massage, and rebirthing. She infuses laughter, sound healing, and conscious self awareness throughout her entire practice. A passion to serve with intuition for unifying spiritual growth leading with feminine energy, has taken her all over the world.

Rhythm moves to her own tune, with her personal outlook from growing up and acknowledging first hand the struggles of adversity that black women of color disproportionately face, and the obstacles that all women encounter overtime. She seeks to bridge the gap and assist in the many strides forward with the continued development through support and sisterhood.

Through her business, “Divine thrive realm,
woman are celebrated as they are. She is the rooted space holder and facilitator for regenerative sisterhood circles where intuitive womb wisdom is celebrated. Facilitating sacred spaces, mindful women’s events , retreats, workshops, classes, hiking excursions and creative group activities.

Rhythm encourages passion for fostering environments that value diversity in all places while continuing to educate on the resources that allow us all to coexist.

Rhythm will be sharing the fundamentals of grieving ceremony