Re’shell Brown

She has been practicing a Zero Waste Lifestyle with an emphasis in nontoxic living for over 6 years now.
My journey started with simply wanting to change my shampoo and has since led me to the largest Zero
Waste conferences in the United States. She was personally mentored by some of the professionals who
created the first Zero Waste policies for L.A. and who have been working the field for over 50 years. She is
certified in Recycling and Resource Management and have worked in the field as a Zero Waste Specialist
for the city of Los Angeles. She worked with haulers and businesses for the new RecycLA program for the
City of Los Angeles which is the largest Zero Waste initiative in the United States. I have been doing
guest lectures at Santa Monica College on Zero Waste Hygiene and Zero Waste themed, interactive
performance art shows with for the last 3 years. She has been able to see so many lives changed by Zero
Waste, her own included, and isdedicated to helping everyone on any level of environmental
knowledge or know how to reap the benefits of this way of living.


Re’shell will be teaching Minimalism + Zero Waste Lifestyle.