Relax, Let Go, Feel Good with Sibyl Buck

IMG_2203This meditation will make you feel good, body mind and soul! Through detailed attention to the way energy moves through our form and mind, we will jump-start our bodies’ natural ability to heal themselves. Techniques from a range of restorative and therapeutic disciplines will help us adapt to the challenges of camping and processing and integrating what the gathering brings up for us. This class is accessible to anyone who can breathe. Class runs 90 minutes, please bring a blankets, pillows, or anything cozy you have.











IMG_21911-e1483800101490Sibyl Buck is a compassionate teacher whose love for her students is palpable. She offers active and therapeutic styles of yoga that
empower students to heal their bodies and find mastery of their internal landscape. Each class is an explorative journey, the goal of which is to guide one to find a kind of peace and release within themselves that they didn’t know was possible. Sibyl believes that access to the underlying well of self-healing energy available within each of us is gained through deep release, presence, and self nurturing, and that this peace and healed-wholeness subtly reshapes the context of our lives. As resistance to the way things and people are falls away, the relationships that had been intolerable become full of compassion, and our impression of self is similarly transformed.
Sibyl deftly weaves her passion for science and research on trauma, brain chemicals, and the nervous system into the backdrop of restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditation. This information and practice have been the most deeply helpful to sibyl personally in entering into a renewed, wholesome relationship with life, courageously open to its full spectrum.

Sibyl spent her young adulthood traveling as a fashion model and later a touring musician. Sibyl has training in therapeutic yoga from Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy program, studying under Dr. Eden Goldman, Leslie Kaminoff, and Dr. Rick Morris. She has also studied Ayurveda with Mela Butcher, herself a student of renowned scholar, Dr. Jyoti Ananda.

She lives and teaches in Topanga Canyon, California.