This course is an exploration into how greater understanding of one’s Place can lead to greater understanding of one’s Self. The backdrop for this course is the beautiful Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion, which is world renowned for its high biodiversity and ecological integrity. With bird migration and peak flower bloom in the Illinois Valley as our lens, we will acquaint ourselves with our non-human communities, which will lead to deeper familiarity of our own Place within these systems.
Ecology- Ecos- comes from the Greek word, “Oikos”, meaning “house”. By coming to understand the ecoregion as both our internal and external house and landscape, we will strive to Reinhabit this space with greater awareness and attention to all who reside in it. Developing the habit of paying attention to and honing our awareness of the natural world around us facilitates greater awareness of our inner landscapes, even ones yet to be discovered.
We will listen to the dawn chorus of birds in the still morning hours, while sipping tea (or coffee!) and sitting in contemplative silence, while our myriad musical migrating friends serenade us. We’ll learn tips for identifying the birds in any of the landscapes from which we hail, via aural and visual techniques. We will walk the oak woodlands and the river banks, examining an abundance of wildflowers and plants, which will be in brilliant bloom during the month of June. We’ll bring along maps of the greater watershed, which will allow for a birds-eye perspective of the great Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion, which constitutes the House in which we will all reside during Spirit Weavers.
This course will provide practical tools for dropping in and becoming attuned with the greater ecosystem of which we are a part, allowing us to more fully know ourselves and relate to others, in any given time and place. Let’s heed the great poet Mary Oliver’s Instructions for Living a Life: “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”


Re~inhabitation will be shared by Iris Koski.