Reiki Level 1

Reiki is one of the simplest and easiest holistic healing methods available to us. It is administered by laying on hands and channeling “Universal Life Force Energy.” Anyone can learn to use Reiki, whatever their age, gender, religion or origin. No specific knowledge or experience is required before beginning your Reiki training. If you feel the call to become a healer, Usui Reiki Level 1 is a great initiation into a loving path of guidance and service. Learning Reiki involves an energy activation process called an “Attunement” which is performed by the Reiki Master with each student. The Attunement opens innate healing channels, enabling students to immediately tap into the flow of Reiki energy. The emphasis on this level is on self-healing but you will also be taught how to carry out a treatment on family members and friends. In addition to learning the Reiki method of healing, students also experience an acceleration in their spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities as a direct result of the Reiki initiation. After learning Reiki, students report having increased energy, self-awareness, personal charisma, peace, and compassion.

Madre Jaguar will be sharing Reiki Level 1