Reconnection with the Yoniverse

Reconnection with the Yoniverse: A Womb reconnection workshop


In this workshop, you will learn all the fundamentals of how to care for yourself. We will be talking about: Yoni eggs, pearl detox and more. We will be moving our hips and tuning in with our womb and breast enjoying and learning massage techniques. But most of all we will reconnect, release and embrace our self. We will be journaling, working with affirmations, setting intentions and at last enjoy a wonderful Yoni steaming and so much more!
As women, we have the capacity to hold 1000 000x of memories, the issue with that is where do we lock them? Our womb becomes a storing center and unfortunately if we do not know we walk with generation, decades, years of traumas. We then pass on what been giving to us plus new traumas to the next one; Let’s stop this, let us say no more and heal ourselves!
If you’ve been on a path of self discovery, healing, searching for ways to release pain, or simply reconnect with the divine in you: this workshop is for you. Come join many other sisters for when we heal together, we can heal the world.

What to bring:
1) Long wide skirt for steaming
2) Light blanket our wide scarf
3) Journal and pen
4) Yoga map

5) Crystal, feather or any element of choice to put on the altar

6) Instrument of your choice.



Reconnection with the Yoniverse: A Womb reconnection workshop will be shared by Gytana Theobrun.