Do you dislike the sound of your voice? Are you intimidated by singing in front of others? Did someone once tell you that you couldn’t sing?
No voice is the same. Why do we hold onto a standard of what “good” sounds like?
Reclaiming Your Limelight invites you to dig down deep into challenging the conversation of self image, ego and what has been perceived by many cultures as someone having a “normal or beautiful” voice.
As a group we will discuss fears and challenges surrounding the journeys with our voices.
We will do vocal warm ups and then dive into the real work, Hippie Karaoke style! I will offer 25 songs from a range of artists and genres for everyone to choose from. We will work as a group on lyrics and melody for two to three songs. Who knows, we may even perform one at some point during the gathering!
I will weave in my own story of stage and song with tips and tricks i’ve learned over the years. There are exciting ways for you to learn how to love the sound of your own voice and love to share it with others. You will leave feeling confident to tackle that mic next time you get the chance to Karaoke.


RECLAIMING YOUR LIMELIGHT: KARAOKE 101 will be shared by Brette Howard