Reclaiming Death

There was, and still is, a homebirth movement.. In the 1960s and 70s women began to challenge the way they were being treated by obstetricians- as though childbirth were a sickness. Women began to reclaim their power and the homebirth movement was born. Similarly, we are starting to realize that our deaths are being hidden from us and grief is being treated as a sickness. The powerful and transformative act of caring for our loved ones as they die and tending to their bodies once they’ve passed was taken from us so long ago that many don’t remember how to do it. nor understand why we might want to. Thus, the Home Funeral Movement was born. When we care for our own, our grief becomes an action, a dance of integration and we can reclaim the process with satisfaction.
In this class we will discuss the role of Death in our lives and how it’s absence from our sight effects the way we live. We will examine issues that face the dying and their families in our modern society. I will share with you the process of caring for the dead from the sensual art of body care to the legal landscape that we need to navigate in our communities. We will discuss home funerals, green burial and the power of taking back the work that is your birth rite.


Reclaiming Death will be shared by Dani LaVoire